St. Vincent, Savior.

Lifted from MassEducation – ‘a reimagining of MASSEDUCTION’ – St. Vincent reassembles Savior with the helping hands of Thomas Bartlett.

St. Vincent, Slow Slow Disco.

Continuing ‘to define the modern-day by redefining herself and her work’, St. Vincent has once more transmogrified Slow Disco to create Slow Slow Disco.

Cloud Nothings, Leave Him Now.

‘A reversion to a rather more direct, undeviatingly visceral thrash’, Cloud Nothings reveal Leave Him Now from their forthcoming Last Building Burning LP.

Buke and Gase, No Land.

Another thoroughly symbiotic marrying of Arone Dyer’s protean vocal to Aron Sanchez’s aeruginous grooves, Buke and Gase stream No Land.